Forge of Olympus Slot Overview

Forging used to be hard. Just thinking about pounding metal over scorching hot fuel to make a sword or war axe is exhausting. No surprise blacksmiths are represented as ripped beefcakes. Not many blacksmiths are as ripped or muscular as Hephaestus, the Greek deity of metallurgy. Hephaestus made Hermes’ helmet, Achilles’ armor, and Eros’ bow and arrow. The Pragmatic Play game Forge of Olympus lets players visit him at his royal workshop on Olympus, where he could perform his metalworking magic.

Forge of Olympus follows Gates of Olympus, a slot that inspired Sword of Ares, Wisdom of Athena, and Gates of Gatot Kaca. The mythological/historical theme and scatter payout mechanism unite these slots. Specifically, Forge of Olympus is situated in a thick, weighty, fanciful environment with Hephaestus hammering metal on one side of the screen and a blazing light temple-like zone on the other. Forge of Olympus’ 6-reel, 5-row game panel is in the centre. Good perspective, and if you’ve played Gates of Olympus or its numerous offshoots, it should seem familiar.

Win In Forge of Olympus, you need 8 matching symbols on the reels. End of story. The scatter pays method allows matching symbols to hit wherever in view to win, while the tumble function replaces them with symbols from above. Highly volatile, the game data screen displays the return to player figures, which default to 96.25% but drop to 96.23% when activating the ante bet or 96.32%-96.7% when purchasing free spins. Base wagers range from 20 p/c to £/€100, and the ante bet boosts the stake by 25%. Players get twice as many free spins with the ante bet.

Forge of Olympus pays 5 colored gemstones low, then a ring, chalice, helmet, and shield high. Win 0.25 to 10 times the stake with an 8-9 OAK scatter win, and 2 to 50 times with a 12-30 symbol scatter win. Wild symbols are not yet available in Forge of Olympus.

Olympus Forge Slot Features

Multiplier and scatter symbols, which can award free spins, are also important in Forge of Olympus. Organic or purchased free spins are available.

Multiplier Signs

The multiplier symbol hammer can appear on random spins or tumbles in the basic game and free spins. A multiplier sign hits with x2 to x100. All multiplier values in view are added to the win after a tumble sequence.

Free Spins

When 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols appear, 10, 15, or 20 free spins and 3x, 5x, or 100x the stake are awarded. Multiplier symbols are accumulated on a meter during free spins, which begin at level 1. Rounding up occurs when the meter hits specific thresholds:

Level 1 multiplier symbols are x2–x100.

Collect 6 multiplier symbols to reach level 2. A multiplier sign has x8 to x100 values.

After 5 multiplier symbols, level 3 is reached. A multiplier sign has x15 to x100 values.

Collect 4 multiplier symbols to reach level 4. Multiplier symbols are x50–x100.

The round stops at level 4. Getting 3 or more scatter symbols during the game gives 5 free spins.

Buy Free Spins.

Free spins may be purchased for 100x, 200x, 400x, or 500x the stake to start from level 1, 2, 3, or 4. To activate free spins, a random number of scatters will land.

Forge of Olympus Slot Verdict

Pragmatic Play has transformed Gates of Olympus into several forms since its debut, mostly to its benefit, like a skillful blacksmith repeatedly hammering the same metal into many shapes. Again, Forge of Olympus has done well, but users noted in the comments that it’s a clone of Santa’s Great Gifts. There is considerable merit to criticizing the continuous rehashing of the same notion. After playing Forge of Olympus and witnessing what it can achieve with a heated forge, the new appearance is enticing.

The highlight for us was level 4 during free spins and knowing that any multiplier that lands would be at least x50. Bonus purchasing our way to level 4 isn’t cheap, but anyhow. Forge of Olympus may be powerful when the going is good by adding multiplier symbols and applying their cumulative value to tumbling sequence results. This approach has worked well for Pragmatic Play and this line of slots, and it works in Forge of Olympus. Win caps limit wins to 5,000x the bet, the range norm.

Forge of Olympus is a fun scatter pays slot despite its lack of uniqueness. Forge of Olympus is a good Santa’s Great Gifts option if you’re not feeling festive.






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