Mississippi Online Casinos 2023 – A Guide to Gambling in Mississippi

Gambling has a lengthy history in Mississippi. It is one of the more laid-back states regarding gambling. Biloxi, Tunica, and Vicksburg are still popular destinations for gamblers in the present day.



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In Mississippi, there are numerous brick-and-mortar casinos, including Hollywood, Hard Rock, and Treasure Bay. In addition, they are renowned for hosting slot tournaments, a local favorite. Poker is one of the most popular activities in Mississippi.



The infamous “Mississippi straddle” originated when the French introduced poker to the region in the early 1800s. Regarding online casinos in the United States, Mississippi’s legislators do not have a clear vision for the future. Currently, online gambling is prohibited, and there are no plans to alter this.


There are numerous other games available, such as slots, poker, and card games. There is nothing in Mississippi law that criminalizes online casinos or online gambling. However, the Gaming Commission has taken a firm stance on the issue: Internet gambling is prohibited under all circumstances. They also caution against participating in offshore businesses, as this is also prohibited.


The outlook is not entirely bleak for online casino participants from the United States in Mississippi. There are social casinos located throughout the state, and some of them offer free online play. Even though it may not be the most thrilling experience, playing casino games with companions can still be enjoyable. There are no monetary prizes, but there is still competition.

Legal Status Of Land-Based And Online Casinos In Mississippi


Mississippi does not recognize any form of online wagering, unlike the majority of states where the law is unclear. The state’s Gaming Commission regulates all wagering activities. There are no online casinos that operate within the borders of Mississippi. If you do, you should avoid any involvement. Additionally, the Commission prohibits gambling in offshore casinos. According to state law, illegal gambling is punishable by a fine of up to $500. Failure to pay the fine could result in imprisonment for up to 90 days. This restriction encompasses online casinos and other activities involving real money in Mississippi. The vegetation on the land-based side is greener. There are over thirty brick-and-mortar casinos in Mississippi, with five located in Vicksburg. There are numerous games to choose from, including slots, blackjack, poker, backgammon, and roulette. On occasion, Mississippi residents have the opportunity to participate in slot tournaments with prizes. Before 1998, when the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act went into effect, non-tribal casinos were not permitted on the Strip. Things only improved from that point forward. There are currently 26 commercial casinos and several tribal and minor casinos in Mississippi. While in the state, you can experience a variety of legal and exciting gambling options:


It may astonish some that it took Mississippi so long to legally establish a state lottery. Prior to 2018, it was one of the six jurisdictions without a lottery. Residents can now partake in the race for millions by purchasing tickets.

The tribes operate the majority of casinos on the Strip, a concentration of gaming establishments. Here, you can locate the vast majority of available games.

Mississippi is among the handful of states that permit sportsbooks and sports wagering. There are no online casinos in Mississippi, but wagering is permitted at locations that offer the service. 23 out of the total number of casinos offer a sportsbook.

Additionally, Daily Fantasy Sports are lawful in the state. It is virtually identical to online wagering. DFS’s skill-based mechanics allow it to circumvent the stringent regulations.

Slot tournaments are among the most widely attended events. Participate in a free-spinning contest to win cash and rewards by arriving early.

Present-day Gambling on Land in Mississippi

Casino County Unique FeaturesCasino Games

Casino Hollywood TunicaBlackjack, baccarat, casinos, poker, hotels1,100 Slots

24 Table Games

5 Poker Tables

Ameristar Vicksburg CasinoCraps, gambling machines, baccarat, 24-hour poker, and hotels.1,500 Slots

25 Table Games

10 Poker Tables

Choctaw Silver Star CasinoTable games, gambling machines, a spa, attractions, and hotels.2,500 Slots

75 Table Games

Harlow’s Greenville CasinoTable games, slots, hotel, leisure730 Slots

14 Table Games

Golden Moon Choctaw Casino24/7 Poker, table games, slots, VIP accommodations, hotels1,150 Slots

25 Table Games 14 Poker Tables

Statutes Regarding Online Gambling In Mississippi

Even though there is nothing in state law that would make participating in Mississippi online casinos a felony, many people believe it would never occur. The Gaming Commission makes it abundantly clear that all forms of unauthorized or online gambling are unlawful and punishable by law. Even participation in offshore casinos is prohibited, and this includes out-of-state operators. However, what is humorous is how mild the punishments are. For the majority of casino participants, $500 is a mere slap on the wrist; they wouldn’t even notice it. In addition, the state has rarely persecuted individuals for participating in such activities. This makes gamblers more daring in their endeavors. This does not imply that joining online casinos in Mississippi is permitted. The policies may deteriorate, and you forfeit legal protection when you gamble online. We strongly advise you to avoid Mississippi online wagering sites and to abide by the law. Social casinos, which are websites or applications commonly found on social media platforms and where you can play casino games without wagering real money, are the only alternative.



What should I be aware of regarding Online Casinos in Mississippi?

The state of Mississippi prohibits all forms of online wagering.

The laws of Mississippi neither expressly criminalize nor encourage participation in online casinos. We recommend that you adhere to the law.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission prohibits gambling in offshore casinos.

The state’s land-based casinos offer an extensive selection of activities, including slot machines, poker, and blackjack. In addition, many of them host free slot tournaments.

The state of Mississippi now has a lottery.

The legal wagering age in Mississippi is at least 21 years old for poker and casino establishments.

What It Means For Mississippi Players Under Offshore Casino Gambling Laws

As lenient as Mississippi is with regard to gambling, it has stringent laws against illegal activities. No form of online gambling is permitted, including online pari-mutuel wagering. Although sports betting is permitted in this state, you won’t find it in any online casinos in Mississippi. Thankfully, the majority of tribal and non-tribal casinos offer wagering. There, residents would have to wager. It is a conventional method of wagering that is, without irony, less intuitive for modern participants. You may even win one or two slot tournaments at one of these casinos. Regarding offshore wagering, regulations become stricter. The Gaming Commission discourages activities that occur outside of state borders. You can still play online casinos in Mississippi via the social casino platform. Many of these locations provide free gaming apps that can be played with friends and family for pure enjoyment.


Online Casino Games For Mississippi The state of Mississippi has an abundance of land-based wagering options. Here you will find some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Tri-card poker, casino tournaments, table games, and all variations of roulette are included in the variety. Additionally, each casino has its own spinners and promotions. Since they are illegal, there are no online casino activities available in Mississippi. However, an outstanding online operator should offer the majority of offline games. They typically include progressive jackpots, online slot machines, video poker, and live dealers. Daily Fantasy Sports is lawful in Mississippi and is the most accessible online activity. In the eyes of legislators, their competitive qualities outweigh any inherent chance. In addition, you can engage in social casino activities accessible via numerous apps.

Payment Options At Mississippi Online Casinos


In Mississippi, where online gambling is illegal, there are no payment options available for online casinos. If you are a resident of a country or state where online casinos are legal and regulated, you will have access to an abundance of trustworthy options. You can learn more by visiting our payment methods page or our casino reviews page if you have a specific casino in mind. Not available to Mississippi players who desire to play online.


Online Casinos Mississippi FAQs

Is it lawful to gamble online in Mississippi?

Online casinos are illegal in Mississippi, and inhabitants are discouraged from participating. Any form of real-money online gambling is rigorously prohibited. In addition, the Gaming Commission prohibits its participants from participating in offshore casinos. The law itself does not prohibit participation in online casinos. For such violations, there is a minor fine, but no documented prosecutions. That does not mean you should wager online, as repeated offenses can result in severe penalties.


Can I participate at an online casino from my smartphone or tablet in Mississippi?

Since no online casinos are permitted to operate in Mississippi, it is unlikely that you will discover anything to play on your mobile device. The majority of casinos offer free gaming apps that allow you to virtually play some of your favored games. Obviously, no actual money is involved.


What casino games can I play at online casinos in Mississippi?

Mississippi has no online casinos because internet gambling is prohibited there. However, social casino gaming is gaining popularity here. They provide an extensive variety of virtual casino activities, including blackjack, poker, and slot machines. Although there are no monetary prizes, these games are still competitive because players can purchase additional coins with real money.


Can dollars be used to play online casino games?

The U.S. Dollar is one of the world’s most prominent currencies. The same holds true in the wagering industry. Every online casino accepts three to four different currencies, including the U.S. dollar. However, there are no online casinos with actual money in Mississippi.


Are these online casinos in Mississippi regulated?

Yes. These casinos are all regulated and secure to play at. Mississippi players do not have access to any real-money platforms.


Am I eligible for an online casino incentive at a casino in Mississippi?

As a player, you should always be eligible for a sign-up incentive at an online casino. They may provide anything from welcome bonuses and free spins to increased rewards and cashback. As long as your payments have been legally processed, you should be eligible for the casino’s promotions. One consideration is the wagering requirements associated with your incentive. Details are provided in the terms and conditions pages. Read them carefully before making a deposit. Some of the wagering requirements for their incentives can be absurdly difficult and absurd. Be sure to comprehend them and select the option that best fits your budget. Since there are presently no online casinos in Mississippi, there are no bonuses available.


How do I begin gambling for real money at an online casino in Mississippi?

You cannot and will not. All forms of Internet gambling are unlawful and frowned upon by the law. You can search for a Mississippi online casino, but unless it’s licensed elsewhere, it’s probably not the most reliable option. Even online pari-mutuel wagering and sportsbooks are prohibited.


What are the most prevalent online casino payment methods in Mississippi?

MasterCard and Visa are the most widely used payment methods at online casinos. The electronic purses Skrill and Neteller are next in line. The majority of participants prefer the last two options because they are more convenient and provide anonymity. There are no payment options available to participants in Mississippi.


In Mississippi, am I required to pay taxes on my gambling winnings?

Yes. Casino winnings are regarded to be a form of income. The amount of tax you must pay is determined by a complex system, but it largely depends on the amount you won. It is preferable to consult an expert on this matter.


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On our wagering expedition, Mississippi online casinos will remain an impassable roadblock. The good news is that matters can only improve moving forward. The entertainment industry is becoming increasingly dominated by technology, so this may change one day. In the interim, you can visit one of the numerous land-based casinos that offer excellent casino experiences!






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